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A Trip to the Transportation Museum – Lucerne

Lucerne is a one hour train trip from Zürich’s Hauptbahnhof. It is an adorable city but this last trip, we skipped old town and the wooden bridges in favor of the transportation museum. The museum was larger than I expected … Continue reading

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October snow in Züricher Oberland

A couple of weeks ago I decided to dig out my winter boots and winter jackets. Something about the cold mornings, intuition, I am not sure. Whatever the reason, last night the rain turned solid and white as I walked … Continue reading

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A foggy, cobwebby morning

Fall was very brief this year. A couple of foggy mornings and plants covered with spider webs. By the time I charged my sad camera battery, the fog had melted away but a few spiderwebs still had some dew drops.

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Atop Zurich’s Grossmuenster Church

A friend and her daughter came to visit so we played tour guide! One of the usual stops when someone visits is Grossmünster church, the Protestant Reform church on the east bank of the Limmat River. For a small fee … Continue reading

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Daytrip to Rhine Falls – Largest Waterfall in Europe

Last week I headed to Rheinfall as part of an annual work trip, probably my favorite Swiss tradition. Only an hour from Zürich’s hauptbahnhof (main train station), is the town of Schaffhausen. From there, it is a leisurely 3 km … Continue reading

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A Few Hours in Zurich

I have a (not so) secret love of travel articles, especially travel articles for where I live. Some articles are good, some not so good, but today’s CNN article, Zurich in a hurry: Make the most of your stopover, made … Continue reading

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The Böögg predicts a moderate summer

The Böögg’s head exploded in 12 minutes and 7 seconds, slightly faster than average. According to legend, the faster the Böögg burns, the hotter the summer. The Böögg rests and waits in an open field near the Opera house and … Continue reading

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