A Trip to the Transportation Museum – Lucerne

Lucerne is a one hour train trip from Zürich’s Hauptbahnhof. It is an adorable city but this last trip, we skipped old town and the wooden bridges in favor of the transportation museum. The museum was larger than I expected and covered most imaginable forms of transport – trains, planes, cars, cable cars, helicopters, the space station, you name it.

Upside down airplane

The first thing you see in the courtyard outside is 2 Swiss airline planes. After peeking in the propeller plane, go inside the attached building for a look at some of the various planes, like the one above.

Swiss Search and Rescue

Probably the most exciting part of the plane exhibit is the helicopter simulator and airplane simulator. I took my oldest on the helicopter simulator where she piloted the helicopter for 4 minutes. Yes, she did crash a few times but fortunately the helicopter just starts over at the beginning.

Old fashioned chocolate tram

An old tram advertises Cailler, a Swiss chocolate company.

An old hand trolley

In the end, we did not make it to the car exhibit and just lightly covered the boat exhibit. We were there for a total of 5 hours with a little time out for lunch. It just wasn’t enough time. This museum is great for kids or transportation aficionados.

To get to the Verkehrshaus, take bus number 24 from Luzern SBB (5 or 6 stops) or the boat to Lido (1 stop). I recommend taking the boat at least one way. It is covered under the public transportation pass and is only 7 minutes.

The museum is a little pricey but I bought tickets from SBB (the Swiss train system) from Zürich combined with admission and saved 10%. These tickets can be purchased at the Hauptbahnhof’s ticket counter.


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