Atop Zurich’s Grossmuenster Church

A friend and her daughter came to visit so we played tour guide! One of the usual stops when someone visits is Grossmünster church, the Protestant Reform church on the east bank of the Limmat River. For a small fee (4 SFr adults/2 SFr kids), we climbed the circular steps inside the tower of the church to an observation area. Like a lot of things in Europe, it wasn’t the safest climb I have ever done, with a rope used as a handrail for a large portion of the climb.

The view was worth it.

View of Zurich and Limmat from Grossmuenster

A view across the Limmat river of Zurich from the top of the Grossmünster tower.

The building with the large clock belongs to St. Peter’s church and the clock face is the largest church clock face in the world.

Closeup view of one of the Grossmünster towersThe towers that top Grossmünster today are in neo-Gothic style and are a replacement for the wooden steeples that burned down in the 18th century. The groundbreaking for the church began in 1100, purportedly by Charlemagne, so the towers are young by comparison. Still, the combination of wood and stone stairs are obviously old and lack modern day safety concerns.




A view of Bellevue and Zürichsee from the top of Grossmünster

A view of Bellevue and Lake Zurich from the top of Grossmuenster.

Bellevue is a tram stop in Zurich, located where Lake Zurich meets the Limmat River. In the summer, there is often live music on a walking path near Bellevue.

View of Fraumuenster from the top of GrossmuensterAnother view of Zurich with Fraumuenster’s green steeple in the background.


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