The Böögg predicts a moderate summer

The Böögg’s head exploded in 12 minutes and 7 seconds, slightly faster than average. According to legend, the faster the Böögg burns, the hotter the summer. The Böögg rests and waits in an open field near the Opera house and is lit at exactly 6 PM when the church bell rings. The Böögg is declared consumed when the head burns up.

Burning the Böögg

After the head explodes and most of the people head home, a few make their way down to the burning remnants and watch, or pose for photos like this random stranger.

Guy in front of burning Böögg

The event ends in a barbecue. Some people bring the Swiss national sausage – cervelat – on a large stick, and roast them the way Americans roast marshmallows. Official looking men with large shovels take ashes and distribute them to party goers sporting portable barbecues or small cleared areas in the muddy ground.

Coals for BBQing sausage

And with the Böögg officially burned and Sechseläuten officially over, spring is here.


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