Kinder Fasnacht – Carnival for the Kids

Marching band from Winterthur

Switzerland is a Christian country and every year there are Carnival-like celebrations in major cities, traditionally called Fasnacht. The last year I went to Lucerne for the large Fasnacht parade, which was followed up by parties throughout the city. The Swiss people take Fasnacht very seriously and a large percentage of the parade-goers wear costumes and throw confetti.

My little fairyThis year, I decided to hit a local kinder fasnacht parade in a nearby small town. The kids parade is slightly different because instead of standing on the sidelines and watching, the kids are the parade.

The parade begins on the street next to the bahnhof. Families gather with costumed children and wait for the signal to start. There were all sorts of costumes. Pippi Longstocking is a popular choice but there were also angels, devils, a variety of animals, and my two were a fairy and Superman.

The marching band's elaborate costumesThe parade route follows the main street to the old part of town and stops just before the local castle. This year, the weather was pretty cold and I was envious of the warm looking costumes worn by the marching band. That, and I like red.

After reaching the square next to the castle, the parade broke up. There were tables with glühwein and punsch. Cakes were sold bake sale style. I am pretty sure I saw a few weinerli, the Swiss equivalent of hot dogs, on bread. Since it was so cold, most people went inside a town building where more cake was sold.

Upstairs in the town building, the kids gathered in the confetti covered room for songs, games, and skits performed by older children. After the marching bands ate, they gathered and played very loud music on the ground floor for the adults. All and all, it was a fun time.

Clown shooting confetti cannon

A clown shoots a confetti cannon off a Tintin themed float


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