A Rainy Day in Germany

A view of the lake Constance

Lake Constance on a Rainy Day

On a surprisingly less busy Saturday I took the opportunity for a girls day out in the German border town of Konstanz. I like going to Konstanz for a number of reasons, a big one being the price. Germany is just cheaper than Switzerland, even accounting for the value difference between Euros and Swiss Francs. Konstanz lies on the edge of Bodensee (Lake Constance in English) and has a beautiful old town filled with Swiss tourists.

Bodensee borders on three countries, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Next spring I hope to bike around the lake and through all three countries. For the day, I was just another tourist with an umbrella, enjoying the glühwein.

The month of December, many German and Swiss towns have Christmas markets and Konstanz is no different. Small wood huts were constructed in the street of Konstanz’s old town and all types of vendors came to sell their products. There are usually a number of wood workers who make advent candles to display on windowsills and other decorations for your house.

Wooden candles for advent

Wood nutcrackers and windmills

Gluhwein in a mugIn Zürich, the glühwein, or mulled wine, is sold in bad for the environment styrofoam cups. Not so in Konstanz. The glühwein stands charge a 2 Euro deposit and provides a festive mug with the name of the town and a wintery scene. Glühwein varies slightly from stand to stand depending on the brand of wine they use and what flavors are added but there is generally orange and cloves simmering or added to the cup.

A lit snowman on the top of the gluhwein standAt a Christmas market, glühwein stands are planted every few rows so the stands add decorations to draw customers. My favorite was a giant snowman on the roof of this stand.


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One Response to A Rainy Day in Germany

  1. ardaquila says:

    Great photos! I love Konstanz and Christmas markets.

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