Zurich at night – a few photos

Grossmunster church lit upGrossmünster stands on the east side of the Limmat River, in the old part of the city. I usually find myself standing under Grossmünster, looking up, after walking the length of Neiderdorfstrasse. A statue of Charlemagne sits with a crown and sword, perhaps watching over the church. A larger statue of Charlemagne rests in the basement crypt.

Grossmünster switched religions around the year 1500, changing from a monestary to eliminating mass and other Catholic rituals in favor of the Swiss-German Reformation and a protestant denomination.

Turning away from Grossmünster and looking across the Limmat, there are two churches with visible clock towers. Several footbridges cross the Limmat connecting the old parts of Zürich on either side of the river.

St. Peters Church at night

A view of St. Peter and the Limmat River. The clock face on St. Peter is purported to be the largest in Europe.

Fraumünster from the other side of the Limmat River.

Not visible at night from the other side of the river, I would still be remiss if I didn’t mention the stained glass windows at Fraumünster on the west side of the Limmat. They were designed by Marc Chagall and installed in 1970. If you see them in person, a hint: the red stained glass panel does not contain images of dinosaurs. If you ask the church lady working at the gift shop about the dinosaurs, she will princeface you.


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