A Taste of the Original Sacher-Torte

Who says 10 AM is too early for chocolate?

Menu at Cafe Sacher Salzburg

The menu from Cafe Sacher in Salzburg

My first morning in Salzburg, I was walking along the Salzach River, trying to think of a way to convince my 6 year old to stop for coffee, when I saw an outdoor cafe and a promise of an Original Sacher-Torte. After mentioning the c-word, my kid was on board with stopping for coffee cake.

Cafe Sacher’s menu offered a little history lesson of the Original Sacher-Torte. This chocolate cake was invented as a last minute dessert over 175 years ago for some rich guy in Vienna. The head chef fell ill and someone had to fill in for a big party. The cake was a big hit and is still made today and served in their 4 cafes in cities across Austria.

The cake was served with unsweetened whipped cream, needed because the cake is so dry, it almost removes all moisture from your mouth. The cake itself is slightly raisin flavored and forgettable but the real treat is the dense chocolate icing on top of the cake. My daughter and I fork-wrestled over the icing but I won the chocolate coin on top because dark chocolate is a little too bitter for her young palate.

The Sacher-Torte at Hotel Sacher

The Original Sacher-Torte at Hotel Sacher

Although I enjoy trying various foods from the different cities we visit, I am not sure I’d bother with the Sacher Torte again. My American taste buds prefer a more chocolatey chocolate cake. Still, cake for breakfast is a fun way to start the day.


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2 Responses to A Taste of the Original Sacher-Torte

  1. Rachel says:

    How much is the cake? is it expensive? I wanted to visit cafe Sacher but I’m unsure.

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