Day trip to St. Gallen

Snowy St. Gallen

St. Gallen in February

One boring day in February I hopped a train to St. Gallen to visit The Convent of St. Gall, a Benedictine Abbey and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is only an hour from Zurich hauptbahnhof (main train station) and is near the large lake Bodensee.

I walked a short distance from the St. Gallen train station, down some cobblestone pedestrian streets, to the convent compound. Across the street from the cathedral, a chocolatier serves double duty as an information center. After living in Switzerland for a couple of years, the idea of fresh chocolate is rather meh so I skipped tasting anything.

Abbey of St. Gall - St. Gallen, Switzerland

The cathedral - side view

The absolute best part of the trip was the library, the oldest library in Switzerland. As soon as I stepped into the library, I half expected to see books flying off the shelves because the interior resembled the Hogwarts library in Harry Potter. Needless to say, no books moved under their own power but just the displays of the handwritten music books and old Bibles were fascinating. A large globe was displayed in one corner of the library but unlike modern globes, the continents were creatively placed and the oceans contained sea serpents. Still an active lending library, borrowers can check out books that are less than 100 years old. I would be afraid to damage them!

Interior of the St. Gallen library

The cost to visit the library is 10 SFr and no photography is allowed so I obtained the above image from wikipedia. The image is licensed under the Creative Commons license version 2.0. Thanks chippee for the photo!


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